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Why choose Olympic Casino to build up your career

Why choose Olympic Casino to build up your career?

• Olympic Entertainment Group is the largest casino entertainment company in the Baltic States. We are the market leader in Estonia and Lithuania and employ more than 1,300 employees.
• Olympic is a developing company, each year we launch new casinos in new markets. We have demonstrated a continuous revenue increase over the past 12 years.
• Aside from attractive compensation and a benefit program we motivate our employees with international assignments and opportunities to make your dreams come true. 


How to apply

We are constantly seeking employees with a great service attitude and a willingness to perfect their skills on the job.

We are also looking for professionals with higher education, work experience and fluency in the country’s official language and a command of more than one language. 
Our interview sequence consists of two rounds, typically completed within a two-week period. If we believe you have potential to be a successful Olympican, we will extend you an offer within a week. We will assign you a mentor to provide advice and to stay in touch.

Aside from attractive compensation and a benefit program we motivate our employees with international assignments and opportunities to make your dreams come true.

We have many prospects on career development, many of our managers are recruited from within the company’s own ranks.

More questions?
You will find answers to your questions and information on current job openings on our website. We provide you with the first response within two weeks. You can apply via e-mail latvia@oc.eu or regular mail.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Success stories

Krista Meri

Krista Meri has been working as a lady-bartender at Olympic Casino since the spring of 2004. On November 24, 2007 she won by a landslide the top bartenders from 49 countries, surpassing also the Italian and Latvian representatives at the World Championship of Bartenders held in Taiwan with her cocktail "Gold Autumn". This is the highest award ever given to Estonian bartenders.

As we understand Krista enchanted the high-level jury both with her professionalism and charming presentation. Special praise was given to Krista for the taste, fragrance and appearance of the aperitif and several specialists went out of their way to film and photograph the decoration for the drink that she made with blueberry twigs.

Krista Meri was elected to represent Estonia after she won the Championship of Estonian Bartenders in the face of extremely tight competition. There in the final rounds she also scored maximum points for her cocktail from the taste judges.
Krista was greeted by a large number of friends and supporters upon her arrival by plane. At the airport Krista was also met by Olympic Casino's representatives, waiting for her with flowers and a limousine to award their premium bartender for her fantastic achievement with a luxurious trip to the capital of casino entertainment – Las Vegas.

"Only the best is good enough for the world champion," said Armin Karu, the Chairman of the Board of Olympic Entertainment Group, as comments about the present. "We are extremely proud of Krista and the fact, that she is already the second world champion coming from the ranks of Olympic Casino, is proof to our belief that there are top level entertainers working at Olympic Casino."

Intan Pragi

Besides Krista Meri Olympic Casino's show dealer Intan Pragi has also won recognition as the best of the world. In 2005 he set the world record in spinning the roulette wheel. Intan spun the roulette wheel non-stop for 48 hours and the result was also registered as an official Guinness World Record.

Intan joined Olympic in 2000 and has since held various occupations ranging from baker to courier. He finds that it is exhilarating to work as a dealer, on the one hand he enjoys being an entertainer and on the other hand he simply likes casino games. To his mind the pure charm of a traditional casino can be witnessed at card tables. The tension charging the air before the blackjack dealer draws the next card from a pack or the simple pleasure of besting your poker adversary is breathtaking.

Intan points out that besides an exhilarating job Olympic Casino is a secure employer providing its employees also with training and various employee events, while noticing to congratulate them on their important anniversaries and other occasions as well.

Liisa Rennstein

Liisa Rennstein, Olympic Casino Estonia, the 2011 European Dealer Champion: "Smiling or being witty isn't just enough. The skill to notice everyone and individualised communication is the key to succes.“

The hard work of Liisa Rennstein, dealer at the Olympic Casino since 1999, was acknowledged in 2011 when she was celebrated as the European Dealer Champion.

The ECA European Dealer Championship was held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, where Liisa was the best amongst the dealers from 16 European countries. 26 dealers competing at the roulette and black jack tables were rated by the esteemed jury comprising of leading European casino managers and professionals who monitored the technical skills, the ability to keep the game under control as well as attention paid to every player, not to mention communication and entertainment skills of the competitors. Hospitality, or service excellence was the most valuable criterion.

“Winning the event is a surprise to me because unlike sports it’s not about being faster of lifting more weight. It’s all about details,“ says the winner to whom her work equals to a hobby.

Liisa was awarded a 5000€ worth trip to Las Vegas with a companion of her choice.

Meelis Pielberg, CEO of Olympic Casino Estonia says that it takes a lot of talent as well as commitment to master all the nuances in the work of a casino dealer. “We’ve been well known for the best client service for years and now we can proudly state that next to the world champion bartender we have the best dealer in Europe working at the Olympic Casino, too" said Pielberg according to whom the yardstick of a great casino is about dealers e.g. people who are committed to entertaining visitors.

The championship title is the highest international award of the kind in Estonia as well as in Olympic Casino. A year earlier the ECA championship was held in Vilnius, where Liisa was ranked 4th.