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Corporate social responsibility

The goal of Olympic Casino Latvia is to achieve sustainable levels of business activity, which is possible by implementing fair and reliable business activities that are based on the company’s own core values and the involvement of any parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint.

Olympic Casino Latvia is a socially responsible company which focuses on understanding the importance of protecting the overall interests of its customers, staff, and society in general, as well as environmental protection where it pertains to the framework of its activities.

Olympic Casino Latvia considers corporate social responsibility and sustainability to be interrelated concepts which imply that the company is responsible in terms of its activities when it comes to relations with any parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint, whether this be in terms of its staff, customers, owners, cooperation partners, the local community, or state institutions, by including public and environmental issues in its activities on the basis of undertaking a voluntary initiative and providing information on the best practice for its business activities. The company’s sustainable activities are possible only by implementing responsible corporate social management processes. A management working group is approved to be able to plan goals for corporate social responsibility, as well as being responsible for the organisation and coordination of activities.

Olympic Casino mission is to give our guests a customer orientated, secure and safe environment with the finest design and craftsmanship, unparalleled in the industry and supported by the excellence of our name and reputation.

Our vision is to be a global casino and resort operator, best known for our excellent service and creative design.

Olympic Casino core values are:

• We have guests, not customers - we treat our customers like guests in our homes 
• We always try to exeed our guests´ expectations – we love the job, we do more than is expected of us, we support our team and give more than 100%
• We are champions in what we do - we are proud to offer the best service in the gaming industry, our people are the best and we support their development
• We always offer the most secure environment– we have a deserved reputation for high security standards and well developed responsible gaming programs
• We take care of our own – we take responsibility for our own actions and always support our team
• We are good citizens actively supporting the community through our participation in regular charity programs and deserving causes
• We communicate with a smile – in addition to our wide choice of games and winning programs, we entertain our customers with a smile on our faces and in our hearts
• We enjoy every moment – we enjoy working in our teams and with our colleagues, work is play and smiling employees smile to the guests as well
• We create positive feelings – we share with our guests the joy of winning and we support them if they do not. We try to ensure that spending time with us is always a winning experience
• We promote initiative – there are always ways to improve our product and our service, we reward initiative and encourage great ideas that will benefit our company, our guests and our staff.