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Business environment

Thanks to its activities and the good example it displays, Olympic Casino Latvia wishes to promote fair commercial activity practices and a responsible arrangement of the business activity environment in Latvia.

It is important for Olympic Casino Latvia to ensure that its cooperation with suppliers corresponds to the company’s sustainable activity principles, and it expects these principles to be observed by its cooperation partners. When deciding on whether to begin a cooperation agreement and during the entire period of that cooperation agreement, the company evaluates the conformity of its cooperation partners against the following criteria:

  • The conformity of the provided product or service quality with the quality standard set by Olympic Casino Latvia.
  • Observing laws and regulatory acts in its activities.
  • Following the principles of openness, ethics and honesty in its business activities, both in terms of its relations with its staff and with external parties that are involved in the company’s operating footprint by ensuring that everyone concerned observes fair practice in terms of commercial activities. 

Nonconformity with some of the aforementioned criteria is considered to be a valid reason for suspending a cooperation agreement.

In order to facilitate the implementation of the sustainability principles, Olympic Casino Latvia establishes mutual cooperation processes with various organisations and state institutions.

  • Olympic Casino Latvia is a member of the Latvian Association of Gaming Business (LAGB). The LAGB represents the interests of most of the companies that operate in the gaming business in the state and public sector, and its aim is to facilitate the common development of the Latvian gaming business.

    Since 2006, the LAGB has been a member of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia. In 2010, the LAGB signed a Memorandum on the Principles of Corporate SocialResponsibility, along with another 21 organisations.

    The memorandum explains the definition of corporate social responsibility and its principles, describes the largest audiences having impact on the company’s operating, and sets out further challenges in the field of corporate social responsibility for Latvian society. The last of these points could include, for example, increasing the number of companies which report their best practice at the national level by using the sustainability index, or at the international level by joining the UN Global Compact.

  • Olympic Casino Latvia is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia. The American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (AmCham Latvia) is the leading foreign chamber of commerce in Latvia, and its members are both those companies which have direct commercial links with the USA, and other international and local companies which support the AmCham Latvia mission and its goals.

    The AmCham Latvia mission is to promote and strengthen commerce, investments and partnership between the USA and Latvia, to serve as a forum for business activities, knowledge exchange and communications for its members, and to ensure the improvement of business activities and the investment environment in Latvia.

    The goals of the AmCham Latvia are to serve as an initiative centre which serves to promote the improvement of the business activity environment, and serve as an example of the establishment of sustainable commercial activities.

    In 2006, Olympic Casino Latvia signed the LAGB self-regulating code of ethics and undertook to implement it in its everyday activities.

    By becoming a member of the AmCham Latvia, Olympic Casino Latvia has accepted and undertaken to observe the AmCham Latvia Statement on Good Corporate Citizenship.

  • By meeting the set criteria, Olympic Casino Latvia has been included in the In-depth Cooperation Programme by the State Revenue Service. The aim of the programme is to promote closer and more efficient cooperation between the taxpayer and the tax administration by reducing the administrative burden.