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Olympic Casino Latvia considers that its activities cause a natural and environmental impact in general. Therefore, as far as possible, the company must reduce any unfavourable consequences by ensuring the preservation of the environment for future generations.

To ensure the provision of the service, Olympic Casino Latvia uses power. Power ensures that the company’s basic activities can be carried out, meaning the operation of all of its gaming equipment and appropriate lighting in the casino gaming table and automatic gaming premises. The company has set the aim of reduce its power consumption by replacing old lighting equipment and installing energy-efficient lighting equipment, as well as mounting automated lighting systems wherever possible.

Olympic Casino Latvia has concluded that considerable power consumption is caused by the company’s ventilation and air conditioning systems. Olympic Casino Latvia has set the aim of improving and replacing these systems with more environmentally friendly equipment by making the necessary investments and selecting equipment with higher levels of energy efficiency to be installed throughout. The company is also installing frequency converters in the air ventilation and conditioning systems where it can in order to provide the desired result in terms of reducing power consumption wherever this is technically possible. 

In the framework of the implementation process for administrative and support functions, Olympic Casino Latvia uses paper. The company has set the aim of reducing the amount of paper that it uses in its daily work by replacing paper use with electronic information and digitising its data, as well as by making environmentally-friendly procurements by acquiring environmentally-friendly stationery.

Olympic Casino Latvia sets out the aim of ensuring that waste sorting in the company’s head office and around the gaming tables and automatic gaming casinos is improved as far as possible by ensuring that waste is divided as appropriate into recycling or disposal materials.