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5-Сard Poker

5-Сard Poker

Poker is played against the dealer. The aim of the game is to get a better combination of cards than the dealer.

First place an initial bet in the box marked ANTE. You can play on all boxes, but you can only see one hand that is opened; other hands stay blind. In the case of blind hands it is necessary to place both bets – ANTE and BET. The dealer will deal every player five cards face down, to him four cards face down and the last one face up. It is possible to change 1 or 2 cards. Buying 1 card costs one ANTE and buying 2 cards two ANTE. After looking at your cards you will have to make a decision whether to play or fold. If you wish to continue, double up your ANTE bet and put it in the BET box. When folding, you will lose your initial bet. The dealer opens his cards and compares it with your hand. The dealer’s hand only qualifies if it contains ACE/KING or better. WINNINGS: If your hand is better, ANTE will be paid out 1:1 and BET according to the table of odds:

• Ace/King 1:1
• Pair 1:1
• Two Pairs 2:1
• Three of a Kind 3:1
• Straight 4:1
• Flush 5:1
• Full House 7:1
• Four of a Kind 20:1
• Straight Flush 50:1
• Royal Flush 100:1

If the dealer has a better game, you will lose both your ANTE and BET. If the dealer has no game, there are two possibilities: you will be paid out your initial bet or you can try to buy a game for the dealer with the value of your ANTE bet. The dealer will replace his highest card with the next card that comes from the deck. If the dealer still isn’t qualified (does not have a game), the ANTE bet will not be paid out.
BONUS: Play with bonus to win a JACKPOT! The Bonus plays starting with combination Three of a kind. To do this you have to put up to 5 tokens into the bonus slot. More bonuses – more chances to win! When buying cards the bonus does not play, but this does not apply for the Magic Card and the Lucky Player.
Bonus payoff table can be seen on every gaming table:

• Straight 20:1
• Flush 50:1
• Full House 100:1
• Four of a Kind 250:1
• Straight Flush 500:1
• Royal Flush 1000:1

Playing on the table with Promotional Bonus Jackpot system, it is possible to win a Jackpot, visible in the display. Jackpot pays for:

• Straight Flush 20% no JP
• Royal Flush 100% no JP

The table limits are displayed on each table.
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