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Olympic Casino Texas Hold’em Poker

Olympic Casino Texas Hold’em Poker

The game called „Olympic Casino Texas Hold’em” is similar to any other Poker game and its played with regular deck of 52 cards.

This game can fit up to 6 players at the same time. The aim of the game is to make best poker hand (best 5 card poker hand out of 7 cards) to beat the dealer’s hand. To enter the game player has to make his bet on the „Ante” area, this bet shouldn’t be higher or lower then casino table limits. Then player recievs two cards „face down”, dealer places 3 cards „face up” on the center of the table and deals 2 cards „face down” for him.

After receiving his cards player has following options:

1. Player has the right to quit the game (to fold); in this case he will lose his “Ante” bet. Player can choose to continue the game placing double amount of “Ante” bet to the „Bet” area, if player decided to continue playing he may use his own two cards and 3 cards “face up” in the center of the table to make best poker hand.
2. After placing double amount of “Ante” bet to the “Bet” area dealer will draw two more cards “face up” on the center of the table. And now when there are 5 cards “face up” in the center of the table player and dealer will compare their best 5 card hands (out of 7 cards).

If both player and dealer have cards of equal strength from best 5 cards it will be called “No winner” regardless of last two cards.
When dealer draws last 2 cards “face up” he will arrange them by strength starting from right to left with Pair or higher denomination to lower. To qualify for the game dealer has to have a „ Pair of Fours” or higher poker combination.

• If dealer’s hand is stronger than player’s, player will lose his bets.
• If dealers hand is weaker then players hand „Bet” bet will always be paid „Even money”(1:1) but „Ante” bet will be paid according to paytable.
• If dealer doesnt qualify with Pair of Four’s or Higher he will still open every players hand and pay „Ante” bet according to Paytable.
• If incorrect amount of cards was dealt or one of the cards was exposed the hand will be called „Misdeal”.

There is no Bonus game in “Olympic Casino Texas Hold’em” poker game.
Players are not permitted to touch their cards after the final bet was made.
Players are not allowed to exchange their cards between each other. Dealer will announce all played combinations.
In case of any dispute casino managment decision is finall.

Payouts for „Olympic Casino Texas Hold’em Poker game:

• Straight or less 1:1
• Flush 2:1
• Full house 3:1
• Four of a kind 10:1
• Straight flush 20:1
• Royal flush 50:1