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LVL 38 806 Jackpot Won

Posted on 18. March 2013

LVL 38 806 Jackpot Won

On Sunday, 17.03 p.m. in the Olympic Casino on Marijas Street 12 a prize of LVL 38 806 was won!

The winner (who wanted to stay anonymous) stated that he was very pleasantly surprised and that this kind of prize was totally unexpected. On Sunday afternoon, a loud bell started to ring in the casino, which was a signal that the Olympic Mystery jackpot had been won. As it turned out, the slot machine manufactured by the world’s biggest slot machine manufacturer IGT, which the customer chose to play, brought him a fortune of LVL 38 806.

The Olympic Mystery jackpot is a prize which one can randomly win on all of the gambling machines in all of the Olympic Casinos by playing even with the lowest bet of 1 santim.