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Olympic Casino Latvia gives support to children in Latvian regions

Posted on 17. September 2010

Olympic Casino Latvia gives support to children in Latvian regions

Riga. Today, September 17th, donation boxes were placed in all casinos of Olympic Casino Latvia in Riga. The collected donations will be devoted to the Mobile Health Care Centre (Mobilais veselības aprūpes centrs), which is a 12-meter long modern transport vehicle adjusted for provision of diagnostic and preventive medical services. Mobile Health Care Centre physicians from the Children’s Clinical University Hospital will provide free health care for children in Latvian regions where access to specialised paediatric medical treatment is difficult. It is planned to place such donation boxes in all casinos of Olympic Casino Latvia in Latvia by the end of 2010.

In collaboration with the representation office of Ronald McDonald House Charities in Latvia (RMHC Latvija), Olympic Casino Latvia (OCL) has placed donation boxes in all of its casinos in Riga the collected money of which will go for provision of the operation of the Mobile Health Care Centre. Gints Pakārklis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OCL: “We made a decision to participate in this RMHC project very quickly and with sincere joy – it was immediately apparent that this is right to do. I urge also other companies to assess their possible participation as it does not require much while the benefits are obvious. By helping children, we help the future of Latvia.”

Programme Mobile Health Care Centre is launched by charity organisation RMHC Latvija. “Our goal is to help as many children in Latvian regions as possible; therefore we are really glad about each new supporter! With the contribution of OCL and this unique centre, we will be able to more than 5,000 children a year,” emphasises the director of the organisation Vija Tirzmale.

The programme will employ more than 25 persons including medical professionals full- or part-time. The implementation of the programme will require EUR 200,000 annually of which EUR 110,000 is work remuneration of medical professionals. The programme costs are covered through donations: both business and private donations from donation boxes. Such donation boxes are placed in OCL casinos in Riga, McDonald’s restaurants in all Latvia and in Radisson Blu hotels in Riga. Donations collected in the donation boxes are given to RMHC Latvija once a month.

The Mobile Health Care Centre will start its visits to the regions in October 2010. Visits during the first 4 months are planned to Dagda, Aglona, Aluksne, and Ape regions and Livani town. A medical expert will be able to examine 10-15 patients a day. Each visit is planned 1-3 days.

More information:

Andrejs Jerkins
Head of Marketing Department, Olympic Casino Latvia
Tel.: +371 678 78 171
E-mail: andrejs.jerkins@oc.eu

Vija Tirzmale, Director of RMHC Latvija
Mob. tel.: +371 26 57 6799
E-mail: vija@rmhc-latvia.lv

About Olympic Casino Latvia

Olympic Casino Latvia is the second largest casino operator in Latvia, its parent company Olympic Entertainment Group is the leading organizer of gambling entertainment in the region and owns casinos in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Rumania, Poland, and Slovakia. Olympic Casino Latvia is a responsible casino operator who informs its clients in due time about the risks related to gambling games and helps people to understand that gambling games can cause addiction.

About Ronald McDonald House Charities

Charity fund Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) creates and supports programmes for more than almost 35 years and in more than 50 countries with the objective to improve the health and welfare of children. In December 2007, RMHC established a local division in Latvia, and in 2010 transferred to it EUR 400,000 worth Mobile Health Care Centre by which it will provide access to medical services for children in rural regions of Latvia. The Mobile Health Care Centre is installed in a 12-meter long modern transport vehicle adjusted for provision of diagnostic and preventive medical services. Each year, EUR 200,000 are required in collected donations for ensuring the programme. The Mobile Health Care Centre is successfully operating in already 32 countries around the world. Such a centre in Europe has operated only in Poland so far, but it starts its operation also in Latvia in autumn 2010.