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Sustainability Index 2014

Posted on 05. June 2014

Sustainability Index 2014

On 5 June 2014 “Olympic Casino Latvia” received the assessment of the GOLDEN category in the “Sustainability Index” awarding ceremony for the second year running!

In 2014 the assessment of the “Sustainability Index” was made by 42 Latvian enterprises, and 40 enterprises which demonstrated a responsible entrepreneurial approach and made a public assessment of their performance were awarded in different categories.

This year, 2 enterprises qualified for the Bronze category of the “Sustainability Index”, 25 enterprises for the Silver category, 11 enterprises for the Golden category and 2 enterprises qualified for the Platinum category. Along with “Olympic Casino Latvia” the Golden category was obtained by SIA (LLC) “ABB”, SIA “CEMEX”, AS (JSC) “Cēsu alus”, SIA “GRIFS AG”, AS “Latvijas loto”, SIA “Neste Latvija”, SIA “Rimi Latvia”, AS “SEB banka”, AS “Swedbank”, SIA “Ventspils naftas termināls”. AS “Aldaris” and AS “Latvenergo” qualified for the Platinum category as in the previous year.

“Olympic Casino Latvia” started its participation in the assessment of the “Sustainability Index” in 2010 when it received the Bronze category assessment. By developing the criteria of sustainable activity and improving its performance, in 2011 and 2012, the company received the Silver assessment. By progressing on the commenced path of responsible entrepreneurship, in 2013 and 2014 “Olympic Casino Latvia” qualified for the high Golden category assessment.

The “Sustainability Index” assessment confirms that “Olympic Casino Latvia” is a leader in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship, therefore the purposeful and persistent continuation of the started works has become a duty in order to achieve the set aims.